About us

Ford Scott Financial Planning Pty Ltd is a major service provider in the Tasmanian Financial Planning market. Initially established in 2006, the company is co-owned by Tim Scott, Luke Oakes and Mark Ford and has grown to a position where the business now provides advice to clients Australia wide and overseas. A key benefit to you is that Tim, Luke and Mark work as Senior Advisers within the group. This ensures that the quality of advice reflects the constant changes to financial legislation in Australia.

Ford Scott is focused on providing proactive, personalised service and advice in all areas of financial planning. We prepare detailed financial plans, regularly review portfolios and provide expert advice on investment strategies. Through education, you will clearly understand the risks of attempting to predict short-term trends, having chosen instead to steadfastly focus on planning and results.

We value and actively foster solid long-term relationships founded on integrity and trust. Our experienced and highly qualified Financial Advisers will empower you to make successful financial decisions and protect you from the misinformation and distractions that destroy wealth through time.

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