Relationship driven
Strategic advice

Since its foundation in 2006, Ford Scott Financial Planning has delivered relationship driven, strategic advice – customised to your personal needs.

Ford Scott Financial Planning is dedicated to providing you with professional financial planning expertise. This expertise focuses on enabling you to achieve your lifestyle and financial objectives through our extensive range of financial services. As a client of Ford+Scott, you will benefit from a close and open relationship with your adviser and support staff, who work to provide valuable strategic advice to ensure that you can enjoy your chosen lifestyle without concern over finances.

Latest news

Nov/Dec 2017 Economic Snapshot

November proved to be yet another good month for all asset classes despite concerns regarding market valuations being at historic highs. Read more

Economic Snapshot for 2016–2017 fiscal year and outlook

This month’s Economic Snapshot has added content reflecting the fiscal year ended 30 June 2017, and commentary about the economic outlook for 2017/18. Read more

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